My Cloud CPU peaks while playing video

I have a My Cloud Mirror Gen2 16tb. The RAID setup hasn’t been changed from the default setup, which is mirroring (so a little under 8tb of effective space)

The issue: The drive become unresponsive for a couple seconds every once in a while. (On average once every 20 minutes I would estimate)

Doesn’t matter what I do with it, it happened while:

  • I was playing video contained on the drive
  • I was playing music contained on the drive
  • I was browsing file and it would take 5-10 seconds to load the content of a folder, even if the folder is empty.

When I play the videos, I get random interuption in play back (similar to buffering issues). I play the video with VLC with all cache settings increased, but the problem is not the player as I’ve experienced the same issue with Windows Media Player, and also while listening to music with Groove, WMP and VLC.

My first guess was a Network issue.
The My Cloud is connected with a cat-6 wire, directly to the router. The computer I use to browse the drive is also connected to the same router with a cat6 cable. So no WiFi involved.

I have monitored the network usage on the computer and, during a video playback, VLC will fetch data every 9-10 seconds. The data fetched usually require 5-11 mbps. When this issue happens, no date is being fetched on the network at all. (the issue is not one of buffering because the network provide maximum data for an extended period of time)

The drive should send data but doesn’t. This confirmed to me it wasn’t an issue with the bandwidth the Network graph from the computer also match the one by the drive on the dashboard admin panel…

My current guess is CPU.
Not the one from the computer, which is very low, but the cloud drive.
Looking at the CPU graph, everytime the issue occurs, the CPU usage peaks above 90%.

I’m not sure why the drive peaks at 90%, but it does. I have no applications running other than the default one. (ie.,: Transmission is disabled)

Nothing else uses the drive as far as I know.

The current Firmware on the MyCloud is 2.21.119.
Note that I do not remember having this issue with the prior Firmware (before I got notified of the update).

Any idea how to resolve (or further investigate) this issue ?

Ps.: Running Windows 10 on every computer in the house.



I recommend you try out this link and contact support for assistance.

case number is [Deleted-privacy].