My Cloud Consistently Slow and Randomly Disconnects from Network

I have a My Cloud with firmware v04.00.00-607 connected to a LinkSys EA6500  router with supplied LAN cable.  It has been a constant nuisance since the day I connected it and I cannot describe the amount of time I have spent trawling the internet for solutions.

The device is set up with a static IP address, in an attempt to improve things, but to no avail.

The problems are:  1) It is extremely slow.  It may take more than 5 minutes to get the My Cloud Dashboard to show any information at all. 2) It randomly disconnects from the network, also in the middle of operations, such a backup.

Sometimes, I am able to access the device with the WD My Cloud software (v. or via the Dashboard (Chrome), while the device refuses to show on the network.

The network is small, with 4 laptops, 3 smartphones, 2 internet enabled TVs and 2 internet enabled BlueRay/DVD players. All connected via the same router.  Everything works great, except the WD My Cloud.

When trying to restore the network connection, using the Windows utility, the final response is simple that it is no longer available.

Please help!


See if the following link helps.

That string does not seem relevant since its main recommendation seems to be for the user to connect the My Cloud drive to his computer. For me, the only purpose of getting the My Cloud in the first place was to use it as a network drive for backups from all computers and for shared access to a number of files.  Hence, it is connected to the router and not dependent on one single computer being connected and running all the time.

Any other possibilities?