My Cloud connectivity through Carrier Grade NAT

I am very interested in making a personal cloud but have some questions about the connectivity of the My Cloud device:

1- Can the device be reached remotely through a WAN that has Carrier Grade NAT? I know normal hosting is not possible in that kind of network and trust me I tried with my experience in setting up dedicated gaming servers. There is some hope because even in that kind of environment I can still remotely control my PC with Teamviewer for example, not sure how they pulled it off though… Middleware maybe?

2- From my understanding you cannot perform automatic backups from remote locations by default, but can I still do it by using third party software? This is assuming I can reach My Cloud remotely.

My end goal is to make automatic backups of select source folders/partitions possible whether the PC/laptop/smart phone is connected to the same local network or is outside and has internet connectivity.

1 - If the ports used by the MC service or Java are blocked then nope.

2 - I don’t do rmeote backups so I don’t know here. I guess if they work based on FTP then they should work.

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unless you can port forward the outside IP to your NAT assigned IP, you would not be able to access your device behind the NAT. 

I cannot think of any workarounds that would allow your device to aknowledge a remote access unless you VPN to an outside PC on another IP that can share your resources behind the NAT.

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