My cloud cell access

hi all new to mycloud got it the other day when the servers where down ( typical of me ) finally got it to work on wifi but i’m not able to connect over cell 3g data. using iOS got WD photo and my cloud apps logged in and added cloud devices with codes and can connect over wifi but unable to connect over cellular 3g get a message drive offline? can anyone help as i’m thinking i’ve missed something but can’t seem to work out what, i’m following what it says on the dashboard on how to connect but just don’t seem to be able to get there

What happens if you try to make a first-time setup with an activation code on 3G as opposed to WiFi?

Hi not a lot happens when I try to connect over 3G when I put the code in it goes to a screen with a cloud symbol at the top goes round as if it’s loading but then it just says device offline local files available? Put wifi on and it connects fine. Think I might just start again when I have a bit more time unless you have any ideas ?

I’m having this same issue. Is it a matter of UPnP configuration, or manually configuring ports to open? I’m frustrated that I cannot use this otherwise very slick Cloud device.

Has nothing to do with above questions. It just doesn’t work with My Cloud app as I reconfirmed, I just finished playing music from 3 different online sources on my phone it works fine via cell LTE.

One source is from a drive connected to my router using the router’s mobile app and it worked fine. Same for mp4 videos – they played, too.