My Cloud cant connect through vpn

Hi all i have a flashed ddwrt router with express vpn running on the router using the openvpn client. My problem is with both the router vpn settings and via the vpn app My cloud cant connect through it and both laptop desktop and using the mobile app cant access the drive while the vpn is enabled even on the same network. Once vpn is disabled i can connect first time and the app works too. Has this happened to anyone before and how do you get around the wd mycloud working through a vpn.


Hello, unfortunately I have never tried this, lets see if another user can provide some guidance or information.

See if you can enable “split tunnel”, which would be a setting for your VPN, nothing to do with Mycloud device. Search for it on internet.

In a few words, you need to make sure all LAN traffic is not routed via the VPN.