My Cloud blue led flashing quickly

My Book blue led flashing quickly in continious. I’ve tried to make a soft reset (4s) and hard reset (40s), but when I plug DC on My Book blue led directly flashing quickly.
I can’t see My Book on Windows Explorer, Network explorer.
My Book is not on warrantly anymore.

Can I do something to access my files?


Do you have a WD My Book or a WD My Cloud? They are NOT the same device. You have posted in the My Cloud subforum. If you really have a My Book you may need to search for the proper subforum.

If you have a My Cloud device then use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, and search for flashing blue LED there are a number of past discussions on troubleshooting steps to try.

Sorry, it’s My Cloud and not a My BooK (before that I’ve a My Book).
Before post I use search form but soft and full reset (4s or 40s) doesn’t work.

@lilp Have you looked at the User Manual, LEDs, Page 7. See if that helps you.

@catfl0w yes I read the manual. Ad blue led is flashing quickly when I plug on HDD and still flashing quickly all tmes.