My Cloud background data usage

How much background data usage can be expected from my My Cloud while NOT IN USE, but connected?

If I’m not accessing my Cloud locally nor remotely, should I still expect background data usage? (assuming it’s not doing a firmware update)

I have my Cloud connected to a gigabit switch, which is wired to a 3G router. The router also provides local WiFi connection for my android phone. I have the MyCloud app on my phone. I seem to loose about 50MB/day even when I’m away. Any thoughts?


Do you close the apps that are not in use on your phone? What type of Android phone do you have?


If you have no apps accessing the device, none, besides maybe checking for firmware as you mentioned.

But as mentioned in the previous post, make sure all devices have the app actually off.

Yes there will be “some” internet traffic generated by the My Cloud even if no one is accessing the My Cloud using the various WD software and apps. If automatic firmware update is enable the My Cloud will send internet traffic to check for new firmware. If Remote Access is enabled there may be some internet traffic so the My Cloud keeps the remote connection open through the network firewall. And enabling the NTP Service to set the time on the My Cloud will generate some internet traffic if one sets the time server to a remote IP/domain name.

Thanks for all the info (and sorry for my late reply). I think my data loss problem is not related to My Cloud, but rather to the fact that, at the same time I acquired the My Cloud I also changed from ADSL to mobile data (3g).

I disconnected everything at home, including wifi, and just kept the 3g router connected, and still I have about 50MB of usage per day (which, over here, equates to a very nice bottle of brandy every month :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )