My Cloud Auto backup from iPhone 7 File Not Found


I’m trying to upload my photos from an iPhone 7 (496 photos) and I have the latest version of the app on my phone and it queues up 65 pictures and starts the upload however it stops and says “File not found - The file you are looking for is no longer available”.

I see these photos on my phone when not connected to WiFi so I’m sure they are there.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Did you try uninstalling and re-installing the My Cloud App?

This is likely your problem and solution.

Thank you very much for the replies!
It ended up being that there was not enough room in my basic iCloud account to back up my new found photo storage with the iPhone7.The phone continually complained insisting that I upgrade the iCloud storage plan which led me to the WD purchase in the first place. So I turned off the synchronization of photos to iCloud and also deleted a couple of videos and I’m not positive which one of those resolved it however suddenly the file not found error did not come up and all photos synced. Since then it syncs all new photos whenever I am on a network no problem. So happy to not give Apple additional money and to have autonomy of My Cloud. When I upgraded to the iPhone7 from the 5s I lost some photos and Apple stated that their service is intended for backup and not for storage.