My cloud at home

First of all I want to say that English is not my birth language so this wil lbe very difficult for me to talk about computers in a foreign language.
I wish there would be some support in Swedish but I can`t find it.
My problem is that I can not connect my Cloud wireless and I
have forgot the password to my cloud.
The username is ADMIN but then I do not remember my login name.
I presume that I have to remeber it to connect my cloudto my mobile and laptop, or?
Hope someone can give me a simple answere.
Best Regards Kicki

Do the 4 sec pin rest.

My Cloud OS 5: How to Reset a My Cloud OS 5 Device

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You might be able to find the password in “key chain” the key chain where the passwords are kept.
Hope that helps Kicki

Hi, and thank you for all help.
Now I have another problem.
I have forgot my passcode.its The code

to be entered on four blue squares

Best regard Kicki

Hello Kicki,
That sounds very much like the OS3, you entered 12 digit code into blue box’s - this I think is no longer supported in OS 5 - that probably not help too much.
If it helps any I been through these steps - you just need to do a few more clicks. And you still can see the 4 box’s - probably not making a lot of sense here :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your answer and help. I have already get it done.

Just checking so you did receive a 12 digit code and enter this into the four blue box’s ?

Suddenly I remember my for nummers code so now I can get in to my cloud through my mobile.
Thanks for yoyr help.
Best regards Christina ( Kicki )

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Hello Kicki,

Just checking is this OS 3 app on your phone to connect to the updated firmware OS5 ?