My Cloud app very unstable on iPad

The My Cloud app works quite well on my iPhone.
But, on my iPad and on my wife’s iPad it is very unstable and crashes all the time.
And I really mean, ALL the time.
It consistently crashes as any of us tries to access the Files list. After hitting the Files button, at the bottom, after a few seconds trying to show the content, it just quits the app.
On my wife’s iPad, the crash also occurs when accessing the Settings.
Anyone else having this type of behavior on their iPad (and/or iPhone)?

Basically, no one has your problems. Are you sure you installedthe right My Cloud app for the HOME, and not a different one? If you have a HOME you need to use the HOME app for it.

This is the one I have installed.


Is it the correct one?
My iOS is 9.5.3 (can’t update further).

I do not use the My Cloud Home app, I use the other one, but this ;looks like the icon for the Home app.

Your iOS is an old one, so check at the app store to see if your older software is covered by the app. Also check with WD Support for assist.

Also, uninstall and re-install the MC Home app on any device it is not working correctly on.