My Cloud App - Organize Fotos

In the my Cloud App for Android I have access to all pictures stored on the My Cloud Mirror Ex drive. As the drive contains 10’000s of pictures, displaying all of them in the app is confusing and I would like to browse through the piuctures in the display mode “albums” (in the German Version of the app the mode is called “Alben”). But when selecting the display mode “Albums” only some pictures are shown. How do I manage to aggregate several pictures as an album and to show all pictures in the “Album” mode?

WD Photos (As opposed to WD My Cloud) is optimized for album display. Try it out.

I agree with Trancer. I use the WD Photos for photo specific viewing and the WD My Cloud app to look at all files; photos, documents, videos, etc.

Where did WD Photos go? Its just the My Cloud app now which doesnt organize photos very well.

Years since this post, but WD Photos was eliminated. Yes, WD eliminated the one good feature to the cloud devices with no intelligent thought why they would do it. I’ve been able to keep it by transferring the app from the old phone when I get a new phone.