My Cloud App no longer uploads photos from Galaxy S9+

My Cloud no longer uploads photos from a previously working state on the 11 March.
This is on Android Samsung Galaxy S9+and Galaxy S7 phones, and Galaxy S2 tablet. All running Android Pie
Everything seems OK with the unit. I can get in via it’s network webpage in windows 10.The LED is solid blue, and its on a wired network connection to the router
I’ve tried reinstalling the android apps, but it makes no difference.
Even the small “cloud” icon doesn’t appear in the Android tray at the top of the phone anymore.
So is it broken, and I’m to be left with a plain old network drive ?

@2pods What do you have set up in Settings for all of those devices? Since you say that it was working I would think that everything is set up correctly.

My Cell Phone, Galaxy S7 and Tablet Galaxy TAB A are both working fine but they do not have Pie on them. I have Oreo on mine.

Which generation of My Cloud do you have, 1st or 2nd generation?

I think it may be 2nd generation as the Firmware, which I have updated to see if that helped, is 2.31.174

Did you ever get this working?

I have a Galaxy S9 and a few days ago noticed that it hadn’t been backing my photos up for weeks on end.

The only time it works is if I log out of the app and then back in. It will then backup any photos taken.

UPDATE - I’ve downgraded the app to version 4.4.9 and at the moment everything seems to be back to normal.

I have to start the “My Cloud” app manually, which does the trick.
Not ideal but seems to be the only way to do it, and keep up to date.