My Cloud app has major problem with iOS devices' Auto-Lock

Today, I discovered that the My Cloud app has another major problem with iOS devices’ Auto-Lock feature. Over a year and a half ago, I reported to WD that the app had an issue playing music tracks caused by My Cloud app failing to continue playing track when the Auto-Lock feature kicks on, (and it is still not fixed).

Today, when I began to back up our iPhone and iPad Camera Rolls to our DL2100 NAS, I discovered another issue, and it, too, relates to the iOS Auto-Lock feature. In this case, within a minute or so after I began uploading the 2,148 Camera Roll files of my wife’s iPhone. The task appeared to stop, and it had. I checked the NAS and it had received only 64 files from phone. I saw the screen on iPhone was dark. I immediately suspected Auto-Lock issue. I saw my wife had it set it to I minute on her phone. Since this was going to be a major data dump, I changed the Auto-Lock time to Never, started the upload again, and it completed the task completely and quickly through our gigabit network. ALL contents of Camera Roll were now copied to the NAS.

I am appalled that WD has not yet fixed the Auto-Lock problem; especially since I have previously mentioned it in this forum and a moderator said he would forward the info to WD. In addition, I have called WD support and spoken to a Level 2 person, who had his manager contact me and promise to have it fixed for the earlier music problem I reported. Nothing is fixed, and now I find the same issue is also with uploads of Camera Roll.

I also want to say I play music from my WD devices with apps other than My Cloud app, and they do just fine. I also have uploaded our iOS devices Camera Rolls to our Pogoplug Cloud service in big data dumps, too, and they do fine as well. The ONLY app I have that cannot negotiate the Auto-Lock My Cloud.

I hope a moderator sees this post too, and sends me a PM letting me know what he/she has done to help this along to finally be fixed. This problem when fixed will reduce the number of complaints about WD equipment failures when it is the darn app causing a lot of the strange problems.

Hi @mike27oct,

The mods pulled the two replies because they were meant to be posted elsewhere. However, I think that the content of first reply should stay. This way users can get a heads up on this if they search for it.

iOS does not allow data transfer to continue if the screen locks or app goes into the background. It’s a battery life feature. Android does not have this limitation. Best solution is to set the lock screen to the max of 5 minutes and leave the app open and in the foreground during data transfer.

Thanks Bill,
A 5 minute timer for Auto-Lock is not enough time if a new, complete upload of a Camera Roll is made for an initial upload. The 2100+ files in my initial upload took 15-20 minutes to complete as I recall, and that was from iPhone through 5G and gigabit network to a fast DL2100 NAS…

So, if an upload has even a remote possibility of going over 5 minutes, set the time to the next step, and that is “Never” Just remember to reset it to the lower level after the upload task is completely finished.

OK, first an apology from me : It appears that the Auto-Lock issue of improperly playing music tracks is finally fixed. Yea! It was likely fixed in the last My Cloud upgrade at the end of September with a posting date of the app in the App Store of Sept. 30.; a busy time of year in which I did not find time to check it out. I discovered the fix myself this week after testing things out on my iPhone and iPad, as well as in phone conversations with WD Support. I apologized to WD Support, and now, to folks reading this.

My Cloud played music albums flawlessly all the way through without any stopping before album was finished (as it had previously done), and it did not matter what the track lengths were. Check it out for yourself. I think they did a nice job. iOS 9 being new recently might have helped some, too.

Now, as for the issue of uploading Camera Rolls, well, that is still a problem, because I have been told by WD this is what it does by design. So, my comments directly above are a heads-up precaution for massive uploading using My Cloud app.
That’s all to tell.

It’s more of a limitation on the iOS. Does keeping the app open and in the foreground help at all?

Actually, that’s how I uploaded the Camera Roll, and would not try doing it otherwise.