My Cloud App doesn‘t show .heic pix

Dear all,

I thought the My Cloud App could handle .heic pictures. However, my My Cloud App cannot show .heic pictures I took by means of my iphones. Any idea why not?



Files must be saved as jpg. Here is Apple Support solution. Follow carefully.

Yeah thanks, I already changed the iphone settings. However, I still have „old“ pictures taken in .heic format. Moreover, I read that the My Cloud App was able to handle/show .heic pictures, but obviously it doesn‘t.

If you still have earlier photos in your phone save them again in new folder as jpg. Otherwise google to find conversion programs.

Thank you very much for your replies. But what about the fact that WD says that the My Cloud App could show .heic pictures? Obviously it can‘t. Does anybody experience the same problem?

Is there a difference between the „My Cloud Home“ app and the „My Cloud“ app? On the Internet WD says the „My Cloud Home“ app supports .heic. However, I am using the „My Cloud“ app since I bought a Ex2 Ultra a couple of days ago. Why doesn‘t the „My Cloud“ app support .heic?

The two My Cloud apps ARE different, not interchangeable, and are specific to the two distinct devices. The Home devices are a newer design.

I am in the same situation you are so my photos are saved as jpg as Apple suggests. Not a big deal.

We are users just like you so we don’t know why WD hasn’t included .heic in the My Cloud app. WD doesn’t really monitor these forums to provide feedback to the many questions we users have. The best we’ve gotten on the .heic format is a response (several years ago) by “WD Staff” to the following discussion in the Software and Apps Ideas subforum:

It has been a long time and don’t know why WD can’t support heir format in its app?

This is very bad customer satisfaction!

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Try renaming file with .jpg

For JPG files, changing the file extension to lowercase worked for me.

Unbelievable to pay 700pounds for a SSD ,backing up all my heic pictures … and now reading that I cannot open the pictures ??? Is this a joke ? Is there any other application I can use ? Except WD my cloud ?