My Cloud app can't share music on IOS devices

I have a WDMyCloud 2T and I uploaded my Itunes library on it. I can share the library and see the files on my computers (Imac, Macbook Pro) (either on Itunes, or remotely via MyCloud), but I can’t share (neither, see) the music on my ios7 devices (Iphone, Ipad) via MyCloud App, either on the same Wlan, or remotely.

The permissions appear ok.

Any suggestion?

Thanks a lot, G

Hello GiuseppeRM, see if the following link helps.

Thanks for your answer, but my issue seems to be different. I think it’s not a network issue, because my MacBook Pro on a remote location can connect through WD ICloud and works perfectly. The issue is with
iPhone and IPad (ios7) only, either on wifi, or 3G

Found a solution. All the music files were into a folder named ITunes music. I copied all the files directly in the in the uploaded folder and now I can share the music on my IOS devices