My Cloud app cannot access settings for MyCloud and MyBook together

I recently added a 4 TB My Cloud unit to my network which has a 1TB My Book unit.

When I add the new mybook device to the MyCloud app on my iPad, I can only see the settings for the MyCloud device.

If I remove the MyCloud device from within the app, I can then see the mybook device settings.

Is it normal to only be able to configure the settings for one device or is this a bug in the IOS app?

Any help/guidance would be appreciated.

TIA, Glenn.

If I understand correctly you have a WD My Cloud and a WD My Book Live (Duo) linked to your iPad via the WD My Cloud app.

By device settings, you mean your NAS’s Dashboard?

Thanks for your reply. I think I have sorted it now.

My query related to the MyCloud app and not the NAS dashboard, I must have been confused by the addition of the new device within the app as it wasn’t clear at first which device would be used to store the auto backed up photos data.

I can now see that when enabling auto backup, the application offers a choice from both devices.

Thanks for your help, it has helped me understand where I have been going wrong.