My Cloud app backup only photos

I have a brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 flat\exynos version.
I’ve noticed that on this phone the My Cloud app dont want to sync videos, it’s sync’s only photos.

I then installed the WD Photos app, and on this app the sync works perfect and syncs photos and vidoes without any problem.

I hate this WD Photos app becouse I cant configure the saving folder and it’s creates a folder by it self.

I didn’t had this problem on my older phone (Samsung Galaxy S4) and my friend have some old chinees smartphone and he dosn’t have this problem.

Thanks for your help.

it seems to be broken after the latest fw / app update. just saw that there are complains on appstore about the same issue. neither my videos are backuped to my nas (iOS). photos are/arent backuped or it happens randomly.

I had to install the WD Photos app to backup the photos and videos on my new phone

Wd photos is not supported anymore. It has been updated two years ago.

ok, so what is supposed to do with all my pictures and videos?
it’s working great on my phone… but it stopped to backup my videos to
the WD MY Cloud is not back up anything so i rather use a half working app

any updates? can some one help me please?

try the myCloud app again. it should backup both, photos and vids. atleast it is “working” on ios.

Hi, the My Photos is finaly working for me!!


I prefer to use something that’s working without any problems and can take any risk…

i’m going to a trip in Barcelona next week so I need to be sure that this thing is working properly…