My Cloud app and problem copying files


I have a hunch there is a really simple answer to my question but nevertheless I have to ask:

I’m using the MyWireless Pro drive (firmware 1.04.17) with the android app (4.4.11). The auto-backups etc works fine but when I use the app to copy files (between different folder on the device or between the USB, SD and the device) I can’t get it to work.

I select a few files and or folders, select copy up to the right, then go to another folder/device and click on the paste icon…then I see whats on the pic I have attached.

If I long press in the dialog (i.e. where it says Photo) I can see a click-down button (triangle) to the right of the text but nothing happens if I click it, If i double click, press the copy button again och press the check mark nothing happens.

If I instead click on the check mark nothing happens either.

What am I missing?


Hello JohanK,

Unfortunately, this “copy” feature works on iOS My Cloud Mobile app but not with android app. My Cloud data can be accessed using iOS11 File app and perform basic files operations such as Browse files, Download files, Open files, Upload files, Copy files, Rename files etc.

Thanks, appreciate your response although it wasn’t what I wanted to hear :slight_smile: