My Cloud app and Downloads location

How do i find a file which is in the My Cloud ios-app in the section Downloads (main page, between sections Manage devices and Activity).

the app doesnt give any information (a path).

the search function doesnt find the file either. But it is somewhere because i can click it to see it.


Can you please provide more information about your question? You mean the path on the phone?

When i open the app “My cloud” on my ipad and i check the section “Downloads” (from the main menu of the app where are Manage services, Downloads, Activity, Shared…, Settings, etc) and check the folder “Downloads”, i see a file that i cannot locate from the NAS itself.

I can open the file by clicking it (from that Downloads section), it is a picture, but i dont see any hint how i find it from the nas (no path like “/x/y/z/Downloads/…”)

if it is on my ipad (Downloads locally?), where is it? there are no common file system in ios. is it in cache? or is that “Downloads” somewhere in the nas (not locally)?

Edit. It is some kind of cache - although named Downloads - when clearing cache from the app, it disappeared.

Any updates on this issue? I am facing the same problem