My Cloud Android resume sync photos problem

Sorry for english.

I have a problem with My Cloud app, I use it to auto sync photos between phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 2 / Android 4.4.2) and the WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra.
Synchronization is set to work only with wifi.

First problem:
Everything works fine, if i already connected to wifi during taking photo. But auto sync wont start, if i connect to wifi later. After connecting to wifi i must manually start My Cloud app on phone - only then “auto sync” start.

Second problem:
If i leave wifi during sync process, photos stayed in status “in progress” forever. I dont know how to manually start resume sync.

I currently had a lot of files that are not backed up and do not know how to manually start the resume sync for missing files.

Thank you for any advice/help.


The service was undergoing maintenance yesterday, and it could have affected sync behavior. Is the app working normally now? If not try uninstalling the app (Then reboot your phone), disabling remote access on your NAS (Then reboot), install the app, enable remote access, and proceed to configure the app on your phone.

I have the same problem. “Auto backup” feature works only if I start app manually. I have this problem on my Xiaomi Mi4c and Samsung A3 mobile phones.

Did you ever find a solution - I have the same issue. I have many still in progress. I had assumed it just restarted those that did not get backed up when I was back on wifi but recently noticed I have many missing.