My Cloud android app rejects the password

I uninstalled and reinstalled my My Cloud android app . Now I cannot access my account. My password is rejected. I reset my account password and entered a new one, but to no avail. Any help?

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I recognized the same problem since yesterday.

After some research i came across the SSL-Security-Certificate which isnt valid anymore since the 08/21.

Using your webbroser you will be able to accept the invalid certificate and use the non-secure way to access your data.

The APP will only work again if WD will renew their SSL-certificate.

Thanks for the info. I hope they renew the SSL-Security-Certificate soon. The situation is paralysing.

It is always worth a supportticket… the more the better…

Just wanted to report that I have exactly the same problem. In the web browser I can accept the invalid certificate, but the android app will not work outside of my local network anymore. When trying to log out and in again outside my local network, it reports the password is incorrect when in reality it is the invalid certificate that is the culprit…

I have same problem , Kindly can any WD employee give us some information of what happened and when this will work back ?