My cloud android app - how to save files to sd card?

Ok I have a Samsung phone with android 7.0 and an extra 64 GB SD card to store my media. I now want to save stuff from the My Cloud Mirror to my SD card via the official My Cloud app, but no matter what I do, the app will not let me select my SD card, instead I have to download my media to the internal storage and move the downloaded stuff to the SD card manually which is just a pain an inconvenient. the app even says "save to SD card " but then only lets me browse in my “My files” directory/internal storage of my phone. What am I doing wrong here?

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Did you also reinstall the My Cloud App ?

If you can do it locally, then just use a decent file manager that can connect to the NAS file server. I use CM File Manager.

Of course, you need to have the SD card ‘unbound’, if you’re using Android 6 or later, since Google have decided to go down the stupid Apple ■■■■■-proofing route.

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@cpt_paranoia, could you please explain a bit further what you mean by “SD card unbound”? I’m new to using phones with android and still need to learn. Thanks for your advice on the CM file manager, gonna check it out.

Google decided that users might have problem if they put apps on an SD card, and then removed the card and the apps no longer worked. Despite the fact that it had worked okay like this for years.

So they changed the way the SD card handler works. Now, if you want to install apps to SD card, you have to bind it to the device, and it is no longer available to file managers as normal accessible memory.

You now have to make a choice: use the SD card to install apps, or use it for data. You can’t do both.

I liked Android because it was like a proper computer, with me in control. If I’d wanted a nanny, I’d have bought an iPhone, and have it tell me what I could do.

I have a phone with limited internal memory, but I can put a 64GB SD card in it. I’d like to be able to use that card for apps and data. I can’t.

May depend on how the SD card was formatted within the phone. On my G5 Plus running Android 7.0 I had the choice of formatting the SD card for Internal Storage or Portable Storage. For portable storage I can only store pictures and media on the SD Card. It would appear the WD app won’t even save media files (JPG for example) to the SD card when formatted for Portable Storage. Not sure where the issue lies, either with the WD app or with the Android OS.

I may put in a different SD card and test the “internal storage” setting at some point to see if the WD app will save to the SD card using that format.

Yes; if you format for ‘internal storage’ you can install apps on it, and they can use the storage. But you can’t see the files they are using with a file manager.

One step beyond even the stupidity of the ghost of Steve Jobs; at least with iThings, you can install and use a file manager if you want to.

I’m not the only one who thought it was a stupid idea; plenty of discussion on the internet.

Facing the same exact issue on my Redmi Note 5 Pro 64Gb black variant too, thou on the other side working fine on asus zenfone 5z.

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Anyway to get rid of it or shall I try clearing app cache, re-booting devices and doing the same stuff again ?

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