My Cloud and Streaming music

I’d love to use my 3T My Cloud as a media player. It shopuld work but the is a slight glitch.

If I rip a CD to my desk top PC Which is ethernet connected to the router.), I can simply copy to the WD drive and all is good.

If I rip to my laptop, which is wireless, all the CD’s go into an “unknown” album. The Wav files are there, all the tags are fine, and the cover art is there. So far I have a dozen CD’s all mushed together - all track # 1’s togegher, etc.

I tried to delete one title and ended up with two copies in the same album folder.

Could this be a wirelees thing or could Windows Media player be the culprit?


I would recommend managing/ripping media files in your computer system first until they are organized with a layout of your preference, and then proceeding to copy the files to your WD My Cloud.

Thanks, J Staff.

Once I get the copy protocol understood, that is what I’ll do.

My concern is that the desk top PC (ethernet connected to the router) seems to do well.

The laptop (Wifi connected) has the gouping issue with the albums.

btw: If I open up the backup of the laptop files, on the My Cloud device, the albums are arranged perfectly. The ones I copied to the device, not so much.

Both were made wirelessly.