My cloud acess keeps cutting out randomly

My cloud says that everything is working without a problem, however after a random amount of time cloud acess stops, it fixes after i restart my cloud without changing any settings however the problem always comes back. I get the error 905, and it stops working on the cloud app and on the website access as well, however it still works perfectly on the home network, any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

How is your My Cloud connected to your network? When you say Cloud App, which one, Desktop or Mobile? What are the colors of the LED’s when this happens, front and back? What are they doing? Have you set everything up in the Dashboard?

Use this link for more information.

It’s connected via ethernet directly to the hub, and its the mobile one, WD sync works fine when on the home network but outside of that it suffers the same issue. I didn’t check the LED’s but when the problem returns i will let you know, currently its working and they are solid blue at the front and flashing green at the back. I believe that i have set everything up i followed the instructions fully and set up everything on the dashboard and on the router, and as it works fine for a time without ths 905 issue i’m fairly certain i’ve set it up properly, (i hope). Thanks