My Cloud 4TB Reset doesnt appear to have worked and now my device seems bricked

I couldnt remember my password for admin rights to connect my new iMac and WD Drive and setup shared folders, so i did the 4 second reset, which didnt work.

I then tried to do the 40 second reset to blank all users and the drive is just flashing (about once per second, perhaps quicker) for the past 9 hours.

Any ideas how to recover, I need to get at my files.

Any help would be appreciated.

NB Tried new cat cable, tried unplugging all but drive from router, tried router reset, all to no avail…

I since unplugged the power lead from drive and left it over night then came back the next day to tackle it again and on plugging it in it booted up and was ready and discoverable, hey presto!!!

If in doubt switch it off and walk away for a day.