MY Cloud 4Tb Hard Drive upgrade

I have a 4TB My cloud drive P/N WDBCTL0040HWT-10 and I gave bought a 10gig drive and want to upgrade. I have tried several methods I have seen on Youtube but no Matter what I do after I clone the drive I get a blinking red light. Does anyone have any experience with this and what am I doing wrong?

What WD Device do you own? Have your read the User Manual for your Device? If you search the Knowledge Base you will probably find topics on what you are trying to do, but, you need to know the product you own.

I have read the manual and done all the easy stuff.

Reading the thread below … people even haven’t been successful upgrading to 6TB let alone 10TB

I would say 4TB is the BIOS and Firmware limit for these particular My Clouds.

It should be noted the single bay My Cloud units are not the same as the My Cloud Home units. The My Cloud Home has different features and a different operating system than the My Cloud line of devices. The directions in the link above is for the single bay/single drive My Cloud. Attempting to use a clone, or unbrick process for a My Cloud unit on a My Cloud Home device may render the My Cloud Home device unusable.

Since this discussion is in the My Cloud Home subforum one should double check and make sure they have a My Cloud and NOT a My Cloud Home, if following any directions for upgrading a drive or unbricking a drive for a My Cloud unit.

The single bay/single drive My Cloud units do not appear to be “BIOS limited” with respect to hard drive size. People have put various sized hard drives into the single bay enclosure. Personally on a first gen single bay My Cloud, I’ve used hard drives ranging in size from; 250GB to 350GB to 500GB to 1TB to 8TB to 12TB to a 2.5 inch 750GB drive. Yes, that’s right 12TB! The only drives I cannot seem to get working on my first gen v4.x single bay My Cloud are SSD drives.

An 8TB WD Red in a first gen single bay My Cloud enclosure:

12TB drive in a first gen single bay My Cloud enclosure:

Currently using an old 750GB 2.5 inch laptop hard drive in a first gen single bay My Cloud unit:

Than you. I used this guide and got it going last night!! Now for the long task of copying over all the data.