My cloud 4tb hard drive seems to cause internet connection to be lost

I have observed this:

1.My cloud hard drive seems to disconnect about every two hours.

2.I power the could up by pulling the plug and it connects.

3.When the my cloud is connected I have to ipconfig /renew periodically as my internet connection is lost on my pc.

4.Then like the sun rises and sets after a couple of hours my my cloud disconnects. It just always seems to be a coule of hours after rebooting.

  1. When my cloud is disconnected I cannot remember losing the internet connection.

Can anyone speculate what is going on?  Do I have an IP conflicit.  I am a novice user and looking for some directional help.  thanks, Al  

is it wireless? best to wire it (also faster) and give it a static IP address even if you only have a wirelss router.