My Cloud 4TB - /etc/samba/smb-global.conf

PC - windows 8.1

And that 3MB - 5MB/sec is READING a Large file? 

Or writing lots of small files, or … ?

See if this gets your anywhere…

3 MB/sec - 5 MB/sec - writing a 7 GB worth of 4 MB - 8 MB JPGs

6 MB/sec - 10 MB/sec - reading the same set

JohnQuintas wrote:

3 MB/sec - 5 MB/sec - writing a 7 GB worth of 4 MB - 8 MB JPGs

6 MB/sec - 10 MB/sec - reading the same set

That’s quite slow for a wired connection. Do you have any other gigabit device to test transfers from your PC?

Well there you go… You are not going to see high speed when copying such small files…windows cant even figure out the speed that fast enough as it keeps jumping from one file to another.

Copy a BIG to and from the wd drive and get back…, Im pretty sure you will see higher speeds…

Yeah, but even with small files, performance should be better than that…

I did a similar test on a pretty low-end Windows 7 box (actually a Virtual Machine in Virtual Box that’s only allowed 1GB of RAM and 1 CPU core) and I was able to READ a folder-full of 500 photos at about 22 MB/second.

My gut feel is that, as long as the My Cloud *and* the PC are connected on the same switch (or ports on the same router) and performance is still slow with large file READS, that it’s a basic network problem (bad cable, etc.)

That’s why I wrote that guide I linked above – it can help isolate network issues.

And short of that, try to go from there.   But so far, I’ve not had more than one or two folks go through that guide and say that everything looks good but performance is still bad.

4-8MBs of JPGs aren’t exactly small files. Unless we’re talking about 4KBs or less which is equivalent to a harddisk’s per physical sector size, then we can expect even lesser than 1MB/s throughput. For such JPG files I’m getting 45-50MB/s reads and 25-30MB/s writes to the NAS.

Yes, I am on the same gigabit unmanaged switch, thinking about switching to a NetGear GS108Tv2 switch, will try to swap out my cables (which pass a basic test)