My Cloud 4tb and Android WD Photos

I have installed the WD Photos on my Samsung S4 and it is set up to backup the photos taken with the camera.

Is there anyway to have it backup all my photos?  I looked in the settings and don’t see the ability to choose photos or folders.

Thanks in advance.

in settings you can enable auto uploads of photos. these will go to the public share and can’t be changed.

i use the mycloud app. it won’t do auto upload but you can control the destination

I have the Samsung Galaxy S4 and here is what I do to upload photos. See first image for choosing photos from your camera. Tap on and activate camera photos using the camera up icon. This will show Albums. Choose one and see next photo below for choosing images and uploading them to your My Cloud.

After choosing the photos you want to upload by using the check mark to select all or you can select individual images by taping on them, then tap on/activate the upload icon.

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cat0w (USA)

Sweet…I deleted the WD Photo app…wasn’t very helpful.

I was able to go thru the WD My Cloud to upload albums I had on the SD card to folders on the My Cloud that weren’t in the public folder.

Thanks for your help.