My Cloud 4T is not visible, LED solid amber

Since few days is my 4T My Cloud not visible in net, windows or router.
LED is almost constant amber, it blinks once per 10miutes.
I tried 4s reset - nothing, 40s reset - nothing.
The disc works as it is whitch on (there is a regular sound, no odd noises).
What is going on ?

Please help,

What specific My Cloud model do you have?
Is the My Cloud connected to your local network router?
Have you tried connecting the My Cloud to another networking port on the router (most routers have at least four networking ports)?
Have you tried connecting the My Cloud directly to a computer that has a networking port?
Have you accessed the router’s administration page to see if the router DHCP server is handing out an IP address to the My Cloud or if that DHCP server lists the My Cloud?

Certain routers will cause a conflict with the My Cloud device. The workaround is to put a network switch between the My Cloud and the router.

Hi there :slight_smile: Thank you for your reply, I realy need help here.

That is WD My Cloud 4T single unit, SN WCC4E0464149.
It is connected to my local network router.
Yes, I tried a different cable, different power cable, checked all 4 networking ports on router. Nothing changes.
I tried connecting My Cloud to my laptop with Windows 10 on it but it is unrecognizable.
I tried wia USB cable and tired to find it in all kind of diagnostic applications but no…

The part with router’s administration page… I am logged in, the router its FritzBox 6490 Cable.
My Cloud should be under
The seetings are as follows:
Is it ok ?? I have not so much idea about routers…

And the LED in front od My Cloud ist since one week solid amber, blinks once per few minutes, it never goes to green.
Do you think the disc could be damaged ?


Thank you!

Same problem here with a mycloud EX2 Extra. For about 2 weeks I have a stable red light (disks are stable blue) and the network adapater on the back does not show any light.
On my router the mycloud does not appear anymore (tried with fixed address and automatic one without any change), and there is a switch between the router and the NAS.

I have tried resetting with the 4sec and 40 sec processes, no change.

Any idea? Should I return it? Any mean to force a new firmware, I wonder whether it is not linked to the last update of March?