My cloud 3TB with Twonky Media server

This drive will not successfully complete scanning and building media database. It has already been replaced under warranty once by WD. It has now been working on scanning and building database for 4 weeks to handle 1.3tb of media. Has just errored out yet again. Does anyone have any suggestions on confirming whether or not this is yet another faulty drive? Both the client and enduser are beyond infuriated with the amount of time and energy involved in this project. I need this resolved asap, Western Digital!!!

What type of media?

How many files?

I have 62k music files, 5500 photos and 150 videos, totalling 2.1 TB. Twonky indexes this in about 12 minutes.

This might help, at least in optimising the Twonky server:

I’d also have a look at this:

I have a vague recollection of other reports of incessant scanning, but I can’t remember the details; have a search of this forum, if you haven’t already.

BTW, this is NOT an offical support channel for “WESTERN DIGITAL!!!” as you wrote.

Forums, are for regular end users helping each other. If you want actual support from WD, contact the support department.

So just take it easy on other end users like yourself.  :-)