My Cloud 3TB or higher supported by my system?

I want to buy a My Cloud 3 TB or higher, but I don´t know if my system supports disks higher than 2 TB. My operating system is Win 10, but my motherboard is 7 or 8 yeras old, it is a BIOS version, not UEFI.I read on WD support that only USB drives or internal drives are not supported, I don´t know about NAS drives, like the My Cloud. It is a network drive, I wonder if there is no problem?If I wanted a disk for boot I might have problems, I know.

Your My Cloud does not connect to your computer unless that is the way you want to use it. It will connect to your router.
See the following for more information.

I have Windows 10 with all updates and my Desktop computer is also several years old. I do have 16 GB’s of RAM and a quad core Intel i5 processor. See image below.

But do you have a NAS higher than 2 TB?

Mine is a four TB and if you view and read the information using the link I provided you will see the systems that the My Cloud works with.

The My Cloud is a network attached storage device. It IS NOT dependent on the computer or computer operating system to operate beyond initial configureation.

Any computer running Windows or Macintosh and which has a network/WiFi connection to the local network can access the My Cloud. One typically uses Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to access the My Cloud on their local network.

Read the My Cloud User Manual ( to learn ore about the My Cloud and how to use/configure it.

You CANNOT use the My Cloud to “boot” your computer. The My Cloud device is NOT a USB external hard drive. You do not connect the My Cloud to your computer using USB, you typically connect the My Cloud to the local network router/switch using an Ethernet wire.

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