My cloud 3tb download and upload is very slow


I am new to my cloud I purchased it a week back. As instructed I connected it to the belkin N750 DB router.
I even installed the WD access and secure software and even registered the product.
When I tried to back my 200gb file it showed 2 days to transfer
I searched in net and tired to transfer using FTP. Max speed was 6mb/s only.
I updated the firmware also. Then also it’s very slow. Can anyone help me out to increase the download and upload speed.



If you are using Wifi , try connecting your PC directly to your router using a decent cable?


i am using Wifi to connect to the router.


You need to make sure there is no issue with the wifi before you can see if it’s the unit at fault.

It COULD be low signal strength , wifi channels that are overcrowded , interference , settings on the router wifi causing issues , many other things.

Connecting your PC to your router using a decent cable then seeing if the speeds increase would be a start.


It would help some to update your router to a 802.11ac, Gb’s. Do you know what wifi you are capable with on your computer? See example image below as to what I have in my Desktop computer. Click on, tap or activate to enlarge image.

Check out the following information and read the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud.

This is the router I have.

You may want to view this video.


i have taken screen shot of my network adapter.

my router supports 5Ghz but my laptop only supports 2.5 Ghz.
if i buy a external usb wifi receiver for 5 ghz will my transfer speed to mycloud will increase?



If you buy a $5 ethernet cat 5e cable, you can be certain that you will either get very fast connectivity (this is the most likely outcome), OR you will have proof that there is something wrong either with your PC (and it’s harddrive, or other sub systems) and/or your MyCloud., (this is the least likely outcome).

Please try that first. Then you can try to debug your wifi, without wondering if it is your MyCloud.


I googled the web for this qualcomm router. Several people talked about 72.2 Mbps. My linksys ac1900 gets 650Mbps using 5GHz.