My cloud 1st Gen


I know that there is no longer support for the 1st gen my cloud but this is pretty basic questions. I copied from my post in the Apple support forums.

So I am sure this question could be posted in MAC or Western Digital, but I am going with MAC due to the finder is how you access your volumes. Anyways I got a Western Digital my cloud 1st generation and boy does it ever ■■■■. I am not even talking about accessing it via the cloud outside of my network. I am just talking using it as a external HD through my local network . My problem is…

I have a 500GB folder of music I want to delete. When I right click on the folder , beach ball just spins for like 2 to 3 mins before I even get the menu for “Move to trash” . When I choose it, it starts to scan so i can delete 80,000 plus files. Then it runs into the you dont have permission to delete all of this. So I then go to the main folder and make sure its not locked and choose the “apply to enclosed folders”. The problem is , it doesn’t do that. I still have files that are in folder that are locked. I don’t have time to go through 70,000 files and see which ones are locked. It would be nice if they showed this in the view settings. So this post is a few different questions. See below.

1.) what determines a Network attached storage speed? Why is this thing so clunky in my finder? Is it because its the first Gen My cloud or my 2011 Imac is just too old? I am determined I will never buy another NAS . I Feel regular External HD are sufficient for me

2.) Permissions - Why is it so hard to delete this dang folder. I need a way to apply or unlock all permission to every single folder, Sub Folder and file within in this main folder. How do I do that. It seems when I choose the “apply to enclosed folder” option it only does that to some . Why doesn’t change the permission to every single thing within that main folder?

3.) I noticed when I right click and chose "get info " on the main folder it list the users at the bottom .They have a weird name. There is everyone and some other name like dapd or something to that nature. I am wondering because I bought this used is this is a previous owner and how does a folder within a NAS know who the owner is? What is it pulling from? Shouldn’t it know that I am using a mac and pull my user account name? I cant reformat it because it doesn’t show up in Disk Utility. I mean shouldn’t it list my username I use for my Imac.

How are you connecting to your My Cloud, AFP or SMB (Samba)? If possible use SMB (Samba). Apple is apparently depreciating AFP.

One can map Shares using SMB to make things easier.

My Cloud: Map Network Drive on macOS

If one wants to delete an entire Share (not subfolder) one can access the My Cloud Dashboard > Share section and delete the entire Share from there.

Generally all files and folders within a Share will inherit their permissions from the Share itself.

Note that using WiFi on the computer may result in slower file access or copying versus using a wired Ethernet connection on the computer. Then there are general issues like a large number of smaller files may impact file access/file copying vs a few large files.


I am using AFP . I think I tried SMB but it didn’t work. I will try again. When I look in my share it shows the whole drive . None of its subfolders . Maybe I will try that because I still have copies of what I want to copy back to it. I will try that . That actually might work . I am not using wifi but ethernet. Thanks