My Boot Home eSATA only freezes at start

My boot home eSATA connected freezes at start. three inactive free partitions set. It seem FW update is needed. but i have done all the steps. we now repeat.

usb-connected normal boot.

After first installation usb-drive-connected it was recognize but not now anymore. after removing wd drive manager and switching ti usb-connection no usb-drive is recognized nor fw-update could be made. all other things done. what must be done when pop-up is showing up -only one usb-drive must be connected-? wait or exit?

  1. edt seems not to exist here.

  2. ok, usb-drive is now recognized. will update FW.

Hope esata-hanger will stop.

maybe something must be changed in bios-setup. i have an older MB ga-7n400 pro ver.2.0, otherwise perfectly running. i know how to handle problems

  1. installed WD drive manager. menue said undefined. 2. Instlling drivers automatically i could not see. 3. pls follow the onscreen prompts to reinstall the my book device. Nothing happened. 4. starting with esata-cable makes the system stop after being recognized. btw: WD drive manager worked properly with my other usbdrive-may book essentials. Western Digital People: There are a lot of people having this problem since a long time. Not good for your reputation. winxp pro

I cannot backup my systempartition as an image onto this quick esata-drive using a bootcd. system is freezing at start.

  1. drivemanager. WD, you should remove the information in download-section windows and mac. if we use this undefined will be displayer. if we use windows only version, everything seems ok. silent installation. 2. in windows i have access to my external drive using usb, esata or firewire. firewire driver was not asked. how can i install the wd-ones? cannot backup ghost image when firewire or esata is used. with esata my book home-drive is hanging during recognition. Thanks MOBO ga-7n400 pro2 ver. 2.0