My BookWorld on MAC will not wake up after latest Firmware update for Lion


Ever since the firmware update for the mybookworld (T1) was issued the device does not wake up from the “sleep” status.

I never had a problem in the past with it on Snow Leapard before the update, then I installed Lion and like others I had the connection problem, I updated the devices firmware and connection was restored however the sleep function seems to have been broken in the process :cry: is this just me or are others having the same issue?



rs939, did you were able to resolve this issue?

i use windows … and  i also have problem using my MBWEII since the latest update … i can’t access it anymore even through configration page … it seems that every MBWE user who used the latest update is having problems … i hope WD fixes this fast 

Nope still have the same problem, I know I can stop the HD from going to standby but it worked before so I don’t see why I should need to change the setting.

The Firmware has affected the standby operation of the device.

Any ideas?

I have the same issue. It works for so long then drops off the network. A reboot or occasionally swapping to a different ethernet port on my router fixes it for so long. This is a known issue with the latest firmware and a new one is currently being tested which fixes this.

Excellent! thanks for the update glad its not me going nuts… lol