My Book World (White) Power Button Doesn't Work

My Book World II 2TB

Win 7 Pro x64

When I press and hold the power button it flexes but nothing happens.  I’ve held it for 4 seconds, 10 seconds, even 30 seconds (just to be sure).  The only way I can power down the unit is to unplug it or log in and request shutdown.

Not much you can do about it other than replacing the drive. In my opinion there’s no reason for wanting to turn off a network drive , but to each his own :wink:

I was turning off the NAS because it was hanging from time to time.  After implementing Lars Maschke’s Large File Fix (found here: the NAS is running smoothly.  I don’t believe I’ll need to be shutting it down to get it back on the LAN anymore.

Great then :smiley: