My Book World (White Light) 1TB

Hi All

I have been having many issues with my MBW, the latest being that only the Bottom Light is lit.

Unable to switch off Via on/Off Button.

Reset button Does nothing.

Cant see any drives.

I am working off Mac.

Any help would be greatful !


Please disconnect the drive from the power and make sure you plug it into a wall outlet.


Thanks for your Help.

Have disconnected & plugged direct into the wall socket. 

I now have the Top & Bottom lights alternatively going on/off with the centre lights steady.

I think this means powering down? i will see what happens to it, as it has been like that for past 20 mins


PS. Drive is now showing as a MAC adress on router which it wasnt before

Still failed. Bottom light steady. Is this the dreaded “bricked” effect ?