My Book World Security

I have a Wd My Book World. I am having real problems setting up the user security, (This system is very complicated and not user friendly)

I have set up the users and the workup and have assigned the user to what rights they have. I.e., I have either gave a user full access, read only or no access. As soon as I did this none of the computers will now access the My Book World. I then have to go back into the My World Book and enable public access. This is a real problem as anyone can see the documents.

Any help will be very much appreciated.


I have seen this all over the boards and no answers.

I have the same issue so it makes my 1TB device just a dumping ground for everyone to use and abuse.

I hope to see a solution soon.

Sorry this was not a solution.  :frowning:

Hey Dan! Did you try to re-map the network drive after finnishing setting the permissions?

Hi, Thanks for that, I have not  tried that, will give it a go !!!

That worked for me.