My Book World not switching ON

Hi All,

I have a 2TB My Book World edition (white). Bought it three years back so as of now its out of warranty.

The My Book World edition has two physical HDDs in the enclosure.

All of a sudden it does not power on at all. I can see lights on the network card port, and can hear the HDDs spinning. But the white circular lights does not come ON and cannot access the HDD.

Please assist on this. Is my HDD dead? or what can i do to start it up.

Is the drive power adapter directly connected to a wall outlet?

Yes, the power adapter is directly connected to the wall socket. The small LED on the adapter is ON. Also checked by switching the power socket, still the same.

Connect the drive to the computer and check drive status under disk management. click start/Rclick computer/click manage/disk management.

also try different cables, usb ports and diff comp. If the drive is not seen in there: 3 reasons enclosure failed, drive failed or power adapter issue.

so if the drives have failed my book world will not switch ON?

Can you also check the drive status in the RAID manager??

I appear to be having the exact same issue with my disk.  I have switched it on, the white light on the front lights up and the disks click but that’s it.  It doesn’t spring to life like it did before.

I have no network access to it or way to get the data.  Any suggestions?

Try to connect the internal drives as a secondary drive and  check if your computer can detect it, if not then all hope is lost. Sorry.