My Book World II and Lion and TM and files and everything!


I just want to tell you that NOTHING works…

the public shares don´t show up as they should!

login takes minutes…

admin login doesn´t work over Finder

Some files and folders are undeleteable in my own admin folder

i´m so disappointed…

Hi clausiii,

If you could post your MyBook MyWorld information (product [Blue Lights, White Lights], firmware version, current OS with the issue) that can help narrow down any problems!


Hi timeimp!

it´s the MyBookWorld White light, latest firmware (did the upgrade because of TimeMachine), MacOSX Lion 10.7.1.

I´m sure it´s the firmware, since the update the NAS takes “years” to be visible in the network (Bonjour), logins work somtimes, sometimes not.

Admin login only works in the web interface, not via Finder.

I can´t delete a folder in my own share as an admin.

It´s so frustrating… 

…and right now, Bonjour/web interface doesn´t  work at all…