My Book World II 2Tb Firmware Info

Hi, i just bought a WD My Book World Edition II 2Tb and i found it with pre-installed firware version 1.01.18. I also checked in the WD site into Download section ( ) and i notice that the current firmware is 1.01.16. Why i have a newer firmware and why that firmware (.18)  is not on the WD support->download section?

Thanks in advance,


i just checked mine and its the same way. wow, that is crazy. i hope they’re working on new firmwares also.

I tought that the firmware 1.01.18 was a sort of beta or something like that that WD is pre-installing on the new devices. The firmware 1.01.18 is dated on December 2009.

Hope to get some more opinion/feedback from other user.


WD is slacking. our firmware is newer and the latest but no info/download for our firmware and no news on newer firmware.

@jdz2k: i think your opinion is right, is my opinion too. So strange that WD is stucked in relasing new firmware for this product… :slight_smile: