My Book World Edition

Hi there, hope you guys can be of assistance.

I’m trying to install My Book World Edition (blue ring) hard drive but not had any luck.

I installed WD Anywhere Access (MioNet) version 3.6.0 installation software  and then installed WD Anywhere Backup Software (Windows) (but thats out of date and I’m just going to uninstall it)

I have tried accessing the hard drive using usb cable and ethernet (?) cable. 

I just need simple access to the hard drive.  I’m not bothered about accessing it from other places, for now at least!

Can someone please help me?

I’m trying to connect it to my laptop which has windows xp

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First of all, you cannot connect the drive to the computer directly using the usb port.  It won’t work, and you might damage something.  That usb port is for adding usb drives to the My Book World.

Secondly, you don’t connect the ethernet cable from the drive to your computer.  You need to connect the drive to your router.  Before you do that, I would uninstall all the software you installed on the computer when you started.  If you don’t plan on using remote access you do not want MioNet on your computer. 

Next, open My Computer and type in the address bar, either \mybookworld or \wdstorage.  You should see the public folder of the drive show up in the window below.  You can then right-click on the public folder and left-click on map network drive.  Accept the default settings and click finish.  You have created now a path to your network drive that you can copy and paste data into.

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Thanks a bunch Wayne!! It worked. How simple is that? lol. Thanks once again. I have uninstalled Mionet.