My book world edition white light help needed

hi all

just bought a new pc and have installed everything ok, however i would like to erase all the data on mbwe and start again as i have all sorts of doubles and unwanted files stored on it from previous pc. whats the best way to do it??

wd smartware??? if so cant find where it is, is it a download???

cant reactivate original back up plan as the new pc only sees the one created for this pc so i dont think purge files will help, there is now 2 back up plans on the nas but can only see the latest one on discovery.

i have all i need to keep like photos music ect on the new pc having moved them over already so dont need whats on the nas now

sorry if im being stupid but  sometimes this system seems a little confusing

all i want to do is erase whats on the nas now and effectivly start again.

all help appreciated

ok think ive just realised that wd smartware isnt relevent to mbwe

so is there an easy way to do this??

Hi there, if you make a factory reset from the MBW configuration page (Log in> adv mode> system tab> configuration> restore factory default) you’ll erase all data and start fresh.