My Book World Edition (WD10000H1NC) - Device Manager error

When the My Book World Edition Network Storage WD10000H1NC (Western Digital) is connected to my LAN, Windows 10 (standard setup) can see the device and it works, but there is a disaster waiting to happen! In Device Manager, there is a warning saying that this Disk Drive is not working properly. The menu item to troubleshoot is available and inviting (especially with the new Creator’s Update as the yellow triangle in Defender constantly nags you) to resolve it. Troubleshooting ‘fixes’ the problem and tells you to restart the computer, this is when the disaster happens. When you restart the blue screen appears with ‘Inaccessible boot device’. I have done some digging and the ‘fix’ changes the partition letter so that Windows now is on D: instead of C: No amount of fixing with Diskpart or BCD (bootrec) fixes the problem. Only a full Windows 10 restore or Reset will work! I have over twenty years of I.T. experience and can fix most things, so this is very dangerous in my opinion. I have had this twice on two different computers to prove it’s not an isolated incident.
I must be doing something wrong as I can’t find anyone else with the same problem.

The protocols used by the unit may not be supported by Windows 10. That’s why you get that message on Device manager. If the device is working fine you should ignore the message and keep using it normally.

Thanks for your reply. I indeed will ignore the message, but want others to be aware. Like I said with the latest Windows 10 update, you get a constant warning on the desktop that you can’t get rid of. Others will be tempted to run the troubleshooting tool as well and will find themselves without a working computer and potentially hours of reinstalling to do. A way to remove the warning from Device Manager would be very useful!

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Many thanks for your post, saves9engineering. I have exactly the same problem you describe with my MyBookWorld Edition II after recent update to the Creator’s Version of Win10. Very scary to get the blue screen of death saying ‘inaccessible boot device’. I was lucky enough to have a recent mirror of C drive to recover. There should be some way to fix??

Hi kenc65

I would like a solution to the ‘inaccessible boot device’ if it happens again so that it’s not such a drastic solution (full Windows reset or restore), and a way to hide or ignore the error in device manger (and therefore on the new Windows Defender taskbar icon).

I hope someone from WD is reading these posts!


Yes, second that. I’ve listed the issue on the windows feedback hub - for what its worth. Search for feedback hub in the cortana search bar, then in the hub search for mybookworld. This thread is referred to in the feedback hub post. Cheers.


It’s a windows issue really. Any Operating system is required to ‘operate’ - as you know from your experience. It’s been possible to protect system objects from unwanted change ever since 486 chips, but…
My only suggestion is to have a backup bootable USB card. On Mac, at least, you have a system utility to reassign the boot drive, and I dimly recall Windoze having similar tools. I’ve been Mac ever since moving away from IBM Iseries - we never have these kind of issues on real boxes.