My Book World Edition unworkable with Windows Media Player

Is this drive unacceptably slow and unsuable or have I missed a trick?

I just bought a 2Tb RAID MyBook drive to centralise my ever gowing music collection (all MP3 format).  The install software made recognition and mapping of the network drives very simple.  I successfullly copied all my MP3 files into the preconfigured folder “Shared Music”. I then successfully recreated the Windows Media Player database with the new location of all my music and tried playing a tune.  The delay in reading from the drive is atrocious.  Just clicking on a music track takes ages to open it and then 5 seconds into the track it pauses, making the audio experience totally unacceptable.

My entite network it Cat 5 cabled with a gigabit switch, so it itsn’t my infrastructure that is the problem. Have I missed a trick in configuring the drive or is it a dud?


You were able to solve this issue?