My Book World Edition to Passport Backup


Ive got a WD My Book World Edition (white light) 1TB NAS drive attached to my network.  I store all my media on here (photos, movies, music etc).  I also have a 500GB WD USB passport drive.

I want to be able to backup my NAS content to the passport drive, preferably by connecting directly to the USB port on the rear of the NAS.  However the only facility available through the WD software is to copy which if I want to backup will take an age, where I want an incremental or some sort or intelligent backup.  The other method I tried was to connect the USB drive to my pc and backup via that (not the best choice), however, I was not able to select network devices to backup.  Please advise as at the moment I have no backup of any of my pictures etc.

Thanks in advance.

Ended up looking at a couple of different app solutions to this issue.



SyncBack -

Would be useful though, and looking like there are a considerable amount of people in much the same boat a good idea for WD to implement this sort of solution in their software.

You should be able to back up to or from a USB drive that’s connected to the back of the My Book World without having to use software by copy and paste.

Yes indeed you can via the copy manager login on the drive.  However being a 1tb drive with a growing collection of movies, music, pictures, files etc. this process takes a very long time to do as you can only perform a straight copy.  What I am looking for is a syncing/incremental backup solution, preferably configurable like the two applications I mentioned in my second post where by a process (scheduled, manual, polling) could be set to run, and after an initial full backup has run, will only backup changes made at the source.

You will need to find a third party backup software to do that.  I wouldn’t have any recommendations.