My Book World edition Network Hard Drive 1 TB (Ethernet)

Please, please, please someone help me!!!

I have recently purchased the above HD. I am trying to install it on my Home PC Windows XP SP3.

I get to number one when I am installing the software,  WD Discovery Tool. I click on that and then get the My Book World arrow, I click on that and then on the Map Network Drive. Nothing happens!!! aaaaaaaaarrrrgghhhhhhhhh!!

I have phoned the technical help desk, and to be honest they were not much use and said that, " Yes they were having some problems with XP" Like I said it didn’t help much.

I am thinking of sending it back.

Can anyone out there please help me.

I bought yesterday the same MyBook World edition Network (white lights) and have same trouble : not gettng DHCP IP address.  (go to see on the router leases).

Then i tried to reset the HD to the factory settings with the reset button (4 seconds) but nothing happens !

Could someone help ?