My Book World Edition - mount on external USB docking Station

Hi Sir/Madam,

I am having problem to detect My Book World Edition (Original Casing)

I can hear the drive spinning properly but just not able to detect the drive via Ethernet port.

The reset button does not help either.

So i had to remove the HDD and attache it on an external USB docking station, on the screen on my PC.

It does show an external HDD detected, but it  is not able to read the information on the disk.

It appears that the HDD was not formatted or incompatible, wondering anyone has the experience on how to recover the DATA.

When i connect the docking station to an apple computer, it shows 4 incompatible partition, but still not able to read them.

i am suspecting it is the encryption of the HDD, wondering if there is any software to access the HDD. because i know it has 4 partitions.

Hope someone can assist me on this.

Thank you very much.

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Hello and welcome to the community,

These drives use a Linux Format. A PC nor a Mac will be able to recognize it.

If you need to recover the data then I recommend you contact a data recovery company.

Data Recovery

it isn’t encrypted. for windows, i’d use a program called ext2fsd to read the partitions. i didnt see a mac version but you need a similar program. however, your issue sounds like a defect with the unit that i had in years past. the board members came up with a solution and i adjusted it so it worked for me.