My Book World Edition is Rubbish

Hi- finally got to the point where I actually had to restore something from my WD My Network Book Drive.

It has been a painful exercise.

  1. I’m running xp, but I was unable to reinstall the Mybook software and then restore from the backup set.  This was after going to the internet to download the latest copy of the software from the internet.

  2. The one click restores didn’t work.

  3. The manual was no help - andI just don’t have the time todo countess hours of research on this. 

My take is that this product is easy to set up and install, but when you are in trouble…it’s pretty ordinary.

That’s the optional software that came with it you’re talking about, not the NAS itself. If you had manually copied the files to the NAS or used a better software than the one that comes (which is maade by Memeo, known for sluggish sofware) you wouldn’t have had this problem.